UYFC aims to help train Cambodian youth to become the pillars and backbone of the nation and as potential successor to preserve the past achievements and to achieve socio-economic development in the future. The resilience of Cambodian Youth means the promising future for the nation.

GOALS to achieve all these noble tasks, the UYFC is committed to:

  1. Providing vocational training and education on science, technology, and life skills to youths, especially those who are disable, vulnerable, and lack of opportunity, in order for them to become competent and able to have jobs and suitable careers.
  2. Promoting education on healthcare and healthcare service delivery with quality and equity to youths; Expanding leisure, sports, and arts activities aimed at building youth’s health and physical appearance and creating solidarity among youths.
  3. Maintaining security, safety, justice and freedom for youths; integrating youths’ needs into all levels of development plan; promoting leadership training for them and gradually handing all levels of responsibilities down to youths in order for them to have more opportunities to reinforce their abilities in developing the country.
  4. Promoting the youth participation in the development so that they will have positive image and avail themselves of opportunities to make use of their talents in sports and youth education, in the decision making process and in the development of the family, community, country and the world.
  5. Encouraging the strengthening of youth volunteer movements in social justice activities such as the prevention of unconstructive activities in the communities, among others, for the benefit of local people as well as the publics.
  6.  Establishing good cooperation and relationship with National and International Organizations, Communities, Unions as well as individuals in order to enhance our performance on education, youths and sports.