Welcome to our programs!

So many exciting things will happen with the launching of this 2 Master’s degrees with the support of top-universities from Canada, Europe and China !

Here are some piece of information regarding our schedule!

We expect not only students but also professionals to take part to these programs. We arranged the schedule so that this Master’s degree programs could be compatible with usual working hours.

Therefore, this program will take place from 6 pm till 8 or 9 pm (depending on the course), from Monday to Friday.

As there will be several missions from foreign Professors, we might have exceptionally to organize classes on Saturdays at the occasion of their teaching period.

Looking forward to seeing you at RULE.

If you have any question, please contact :

the Program Manager at rule.internationalmaster@gmail.com (tel: 089-868-945)
Our administration (tel: 023 726 132)