Public & International Law at RULE

1. Reasons to choose this program

  • “A prestigious foreign University with high level expertise in Law”
    Paris University is partnering with the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh to offer a Master’s Degree in Public Law with a specialization in International and European Law. This new diploma combines European excellence with an openness to local circumstances and to the World.
  • “A Dual Degree : Master’s Degrees from France and Cambodia”
    With a complete course of subjects selected according to academic and professional criteria, this diploma deepens students’ fundamental knowledge in Public Law and provides them with a technical foundation in International Law more generally. Two Master’s Degrees will be awarded by both the University of Paris in France and the Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia.
  • “From Cambodia to France, from ASEAN to the EU”
    This academic program embraces professional perspectives in two of the most dynamic regions of the World: Southeast Asia, the strategic location of the ASEAN economic community, and the European Union, another regional economic and governance powerhouse. Students will receive a Master’s Degree that is recognized globally.
  • “An essential diploma for future leaders and diplomats”
    This diploma will provide the best students with the essential tools to carry out their duties and responsibilities as civil servants. Due to the influence of the French legal system on that of the Kingdom of Cambodia, it is critical that students take a comparative approach in their Cambodian public law and French public law. This comparative approach is especially necessary with respect to the study of ASEAN law / European Union law.

2. Professional opportunities

“Professional perspectives for students as well as practitioners”

For students, this Master’s Degree is an important opportunity to gain entry to essential skills : a high-quality research program in law, as well as entry into relevant professional fields  through completion of an internship.
For practitioners and civil servants, this Master’s Degree will provide them the necessary skills to be leaders in the ongoing ASEAN economic integration and open up the possibility to pursue a PhD.

3. Courses of the Program

Master Year 1: In order to assure that students attain a well-rounded knowledge of public law, they are required to complete core and generalist modules (Year 1 program) designed by five universities in partnership: RU.E, University of Brussels, Paris, Fribourg and Montreal.

Courses: Approaches to International Law, Communications for Legal Professionals, Business and Human Rights Law, Legal Concepts for Non-Lawyers, Legal Methodology, Legal Research and Writing, and Academic English.

The Director of the Master 1 Program is an American Lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of Alabama.

Master Year 2:


Courses Master 2 Hours
Competition Law and Regulation 15
Tax Law 15
WTO Law 15
International Investment Law 15
International Environmental Law 15
Law of International Organizations 15
International Disputes Settlement 15
Administrative Legal Disputes 15
Global Public Goods 15
Construction Law 15
Cyber security and Risk Management 15
Political Economy of Development 15