International Business Law at RULE
International Business Law at RULE

1. Reasons to choose this program

  • The ideal time to become an expert in international business law
    Cambodia’s current rate of economic growth has made investing in the Kingdom a priority for investors worldwide. “Per capita GDP increased from US$487 in 2005 to US$1084 in 2014” according to the World Bank. Experts in international business law will help Cambodia gain competitive advantages in international trade and protect the nation’s interests and position in foreign countries.
  • An international consortium with top-universities from around the world
    This new Master’s Degree in International Business Law has been structured by three partner universities: Brussels (located in the EU capital), Geneva (located in Switzerland: the finance capital of Europe and home to many United Nations agencies) and Montréal (located in Canada: opening doors to North America and the United States) in order to give our students in Cambodia the skills necessary to thrive in the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community. Professors from universities in Japan and China will also participate in the program, giving it a truly worldwide scope.
  • Two Master’s Degrees will be awarded both by Brussels University ULB and by the RULE (Cambodian Master’s degree). They will provide a global career path for graduates.
  • An Executive Master’s degree
    Providing an Executive Master’s Degree and having trained Ministers, CEOs and MPs in the past, RULE is particularly mindful of confidentiality considerations for many students and can ensure that the academic path of a students, if requested, can be kept strictly confidential (e.g., grades delivered only to the partner universities and to the student himself). This Master’s degree will also be open to students who are interested in getting a head start as they enter professional life.


2. Professional opportunities

Professional Opportunities:

An ideal degree for business executives ! A head start in professional life for students !  :  

The Executive Master’s Degree in International Business Law is designed for students interested in cross-border business and the applicable national and international regulatory regimes. Successful students will graduate with well-developed skills and a deep understanding of the impact of international law on global business practices. This master’s program will provide you with a high level of qualifications for a career in an international law firm, multinational company or international organization.


3. Courses of the Program

Master Year 1: In order to assure students attain a well-rounded knowledge of business law, they are required to complete core and generalist modules (Year 1 program) designed by five universities in partnership: RULE, University of Brussels, Paris, Fribourg and Montreal.

Courses: Approaches to International Law, Communications for Legal Professionals, Business and Human Rights Law, Legal Concepts for Non-Lawyers, Legal Methodology, Legal Research and Writing, and Academic English.

The Director of the Master 1 Program is an American Lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of Alabama.


Master Year 2:  

Compulsory subjects  48 Credits Elective subjects  8 Credits Final project  4 Credits

Students will have to take all of the compulsory subjects and will have to choose at least two of the elective subjects.
Courses : Company Law, Private International Law, Introduction of Common Law, International Commercial Transactions, International Tax Law, Investment Law, International Financial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, and International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.

Subject Credit (ECTS) Hours
Methodology of International Law 4 24
WTO Law 4 24
Private International Law 4 24
Introduction to Common Law 4 24
International Dispute Settlement 8 48
Company Law / International Investment Law 6 36
Competition Law 4 24
International Tax Law 4 24
International / Comparative Labor Law 4 24
International Contracts 6 36
International Financial Law 4 24
Law of the European Union 4 24
Intellectual Property / E-Commerce Law 4 24