The Arbitration Council opened its doors in May 2003 with broad powers under the Labour Law and related Prakas (Ministerial decree) to resolve labour disputes in Cambodia.

At the launch of the Arbitration Council in 2003, His Excellency Ith Samheng, the Minister of Labour in Cambodia from 1993 to 2004, declared:

The Arbitration Council is this country’s first modern arbitral institution [and it] will open a new chapter in Cambodia’s industrial relations history. With the opening of the Arbitration Council we are witnessing the debut of a new dispute settlement framework which will assist workers and employers in building harmonious workplace relations by providing for the efficient, independent, and expert adjudication of labour disputes.

Today the lives up to that promise and continues to play a significant role in the effective resolution of labour disputes in Cambodia. The Council is supported administratively by the Secretariat of the Arbitration Council, and financially and technically by the Arbitration Council Foundation.