Dual Masters

About our International Master of Law Degree Programs:

RULE is proud to offer these International Master of Law Degrees in conjunction with our prestigious international partner universities. These excellent programs are the perfect way to begin a career in international law, where you will find many professional opportunities to fulfill your career goals and passions.

These degree programs are the result of a partnership between several international Universities (Montréal, Paris 8, Fribourg and Brussels), cooperating with RULE in order to offer specific courses unavailable at any other university in Cambodia. RULE is the only Cambodian University able to provide such programs in the English language for Cambodian and foreign students. Students who successfully complete either program obtain both a Cambodian master’s degree from RULE and a European master’s degree from either the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) or the University of Paris 8, depending on whether you specialize in business law or public law. These leading European universities are world-renowned as institutions of academic excellence and their degrees are recognized globally.

These courses of study are up-to-date and strategically designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the global marketplace and transnational legal institutions. To ensure a thorough understanding of international law, students are required to complete core academic modules (Year 1 of the program), designed by five universities in partnership: RULE, ULB and the Universities of Paris 8, Fribourg and Montréal. The programs are designed for both law and non-law graduates and ideal for those who plan to practice law internationally or who simply require legal knowledge for their career.

After the first foundation year, students will specialize in either: International Business Law or Public & International Law. Every law class will be taught by legal professionals and international professors, each with different perspectives and experience.