Message from the Rector Dr LUY Channa 
Message from the Rector Dr LUY Channa


The Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) was originally founded in 1949 as the National Institute of Law and Economics, and then it was renamed many times based on the needs of the society and the change of the regimes. Remarkably, in 2003 it was renamed the Royal University of Law and Economics via the Sub-decree No. 56 ANK/BK dated July 16, 2003. Then RULE became a public administrative institution by Sub-decree No. 89 ANK/BK dated July 27, 2007.

RULE has put every effort to contribute to the social and economic development by producing potential human resources to serve the society. As a result from 1982 to February 2015, RULE has produced 35,095 graduates working in various sectors mainly in public and private sectors.

The regional development has witnessed the drastic changes of science and technology, environment, society, and economy that make higher education institutions play an important role in focusing on the quality of education, effectiveness, excellence, morality and ethics. The 2015 ASEAN integration provides more competitiveness of the labor market, which requires competent human resources. With this regard, the Education Strategic Plan 2014-2018 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has focused mainly on the improvement of the quality of education.

In accordance with the Education Strategic Plan and Higher Education Vision 2030, RULE has set its own strategic plan following the vision, mission, goals and sub-goals that will guide the university’s journey from 2015 through 2018 to respond to the emerging labor market. The purpose of this strategic plan is to ensure the quality of education, innovation, research and publication to be the leading university.

This 2 international Master’s Degrees in Law are an essential part of this strategic plan and I sincerely hope that these two degrees in Public and International law (with Paris University) and in International Business Law (with the Free University of Brussels), with the support of Montreal and Fribourg universities, will enable professionals, law and policy makers and students to participate actively in these programs and to be able to work together for the development of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, June 2016


Download the strategic plan 2015-2018 here.