Continuing Legal Education

The Department for Continuing Legal Education at the RULE has over 15 years’ experience of teaching part-time adult students.

Those who take our courses include:

  • People studying for enjoyment and personal enrichment — for example, pursuing an interest in Cambodian Law or in Comparative Law
  • Those working to obtain a certificate or diploma in a given subject
  • Students who intend to transfer to university degree programs, both at the RULE and elsewhere
  • Those who wish to upgrade professional skills
  • Those who are pursuing a post-graduate degree part-time
  • People changing the focus of their careers, or embarking on a new career path
  • Students returning to education after a time away

Many of our courses can be studied with no previous qualifications; some of our programs – mainly those which result in diplomas, certificates and degrees – require some amount of previous study or experience, and are subject to a competitive application process.

Students who are interested in studying with us are encouraged to explore the courses section of this site and to contact the Program Manager if they wish to follow a particular program or course.


Providing an Executive Master’s Degree and having trained Ministers, CEOs and MPs in the past, RULE is particularly mindful of confidentiality considerations for many students and can ensure that the academic path of a students, if requested, can be kept strictly confidential (e.g., grades delivered only to the partner universities and to the student himself).

Please, contact the Program Manager if you wish your academic path to be kept strictly confidential.

Program Manager: